DAREU PC Gaming Mouse Tri-mode Connect Bluetooth Wired 2.4G Wireless Mice with Charging Base KBS Buttons Mous for Laptop Gamer


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A950 Tri-mode Gaming Mouse

Type-c wired . Bluetooth . 2.4G wireless connect

Surface treatment: Skin-like

IC chip: AIM-WL

MCU chip: CX52850

Micro Switch: 50 million

Wired/2.4G: 400/800/1600(default)/3200/6400dpi

BT status: 800/1200/1600dpi(default)

Tracking speed: 300 IPS

Response rate:wired/2.4G status:1000Hz ;BT status:125Hz

weight: 88g


Driver: support

Easy for Charging

The mouse is equipped with an exclusive magic color charging base, which can be charged directly on the base by adsorption, which is convenient and fast and is equipped with a variety of RGB lighting, making the desktop streamer beautiful.

AIM-WL Sensor

The mouse is equipped with a high-performance, low-power optical sensor, which can provide precise tracking of the movement at the micron level, and effectively capture the movement details of each frame.

Wireless Transmission Technology

1-millisecond game level 2.4G Wireless transmission technology brings you almost the same status as wired, which can continuously search for and connect to high-quality signals. Ensuring stable and efficient two-way transmission

Lightweight Design

Originally-designed inner frame, thin but durable housing makes out 88g of weight, which assures more swift movement and better control in fierce gaming, and avoids fatigue after a long time use

Built-in Lithium Battery

Built-in 930mAh lithium battery, which can be used continuously for 12 days during 2.4G gaming-grade wireless connection. It can be connected to the computer directly through the Type-C interface for charging, and the charging process will not affect normal use.

Patented KBS II Key Technology

The KBSII (Key Force Balance System) adds a POM shaft device and a float device to the button, which solves the problem of the mouse button idling and has a smaller trigger force, and the high strength and self-lubricating properties of POM allow the button maintains a consistently clicky feel.


Warm Tips:

If the mode of the 2.4G Wireless can’t work. Please operate the mouse as the following steps:

1. Please make sure that the mode of the mouse is 2.4G


2. Download the files via the link as below


3. Click the file “Gaming pro tool V1.81”


4. Please press the left button, right button and the wheel at the same time for 3 seconds.(Keep your mouse nearly to the USB receiver)


5. Press “enter” in another mouse which can work like picture below

Additional information


Black, Blue, Pink


China, Russian Federation, United States

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